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Ashwini Kumar Hello! 👋 I’m Ashwini Kumar

I’m currently working as the Director of Engineering at PayU Credit involved in building mobile and web apps(LazyPay & Paysense) for scale. In addition to my role here, I hold the distinction of being recognized as a Google Developer Expert in Firebase. Furthermore, I find great fulfillment in my role as a Mentor at Scaler, where I have the privilege of guiding and nurturing aspiring talents. I’m a proud Computer Science alumnus of NIT Trichy, with a track record of architecting and developing applications that have made a significant impact on the Indian tech landscape. My experience spans diverse domains, including Gaming(Mobile Premier League), FinTech(InCred), Entertainment(Disney+Hotstar), Healthcare and eCommerce(1mg), HCM Fusion Apps(Oracle), and Agro & Construction Tech(Trimble). As technology continues to evolve, I am committed to the pursuit of engineering excellence every day 🎯

When I’m not immersed in code, you can find me exploring articles and open-source repositories to gather fresh ideas that can be shared with the team. I also enjoy spending time with friends, engaging in board games like Secret Hitler and Codenames 🥷

Blogs 📝

In addition to Medium, I’m thrilled to announce that I’ll be expanding my article publications to my very own blog ✨. Articles on my own platform will take precedence, ensuring that you receive the latest insights and content directly from me.

Title Publication Published Date
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Improving CI/CD pipeline for Android via Fastlane and GitHub Actions Firebase Developers at Medium Feb 06, 2021
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Making Hotstar Zip — Faster Startup Hotstar at Medium Feb 20, 2019
Room with RxJava and Dagger Mindorks at Medium Jul 11, 2018
Introducing Picture-in-Picture Mode on Hotstar Android App Hotstar at Medium Jul 6, 2018
Pagination using Paging Library with RxJava and Dagger Mindorks at Medium Jun 15, 2018
App : Release Gently — Feature Gates & A:B Hotstar at Medium Jun 11, 2018
Migration from MVP to MVVM using Android Architecture Components Mindorks at Medium Jun 7, 2018
Static Code Analysis For Android using FindBugs, PMD and Checkstyle Mindorks at Medium Aug 16, 2017
RIP TransactionTooLargeException AndroidPub at Medium Jun 7, 2017

Apps built for India scale 🚀

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